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Brand: PROFI COOK Model: 153-0078
 PC-VK 1080 Vacuum sealer- Stainless steel- Suction power: 12 l /min.- Incl. 18 professional airtight bags- Fully automatic high-performance vacuum sealer with stainless steel housing- Ideal for dividing large quantities of food into smaller portions- Space saving, safe storage without preserva..
Automatic juicer
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Brand: PROFI COOK Model: 153-0143
Automatic juicer- Professional automatic juicer with high quality stainless steel housing- Fruit and vegetable juices freshly prepared in seconds. Rich in minerals vital to well-being, health and fitness- Juice whole apples, carrots and other fruit in seconds without chopping- Heavy duty long life p..
Brand: PROFI COOK Model: 153-0017
Citrus Juicer- Citrus juicer in high quality stainless steel housing- High performance, long life professional motor, 100 W max.- Automatic start/stop function by pressing the juicing cone- Open stainless steel juice spout- Drip stop function, no splashing, no wiping clean- Stainless steel sieve- Ca..
Brand: PROFI COOK Model: 153-0137
 Multi Mixer 2 σε 1 με γυάλινο δοχείο, 400W. - Multi Mixer 2 σε 1: ψιλοκόβει, αλέθει και ομογενοποιεί τρόφιμα, ενώ παράλληλα μπορεί να θρυμματίζει πάγο - Μεγάλο, γυάλινο δοχείο ανάμιξης, χωρητικότητας 1L - Διαθέτει 4 λεπίδες κοπής από ανοξείδωτο ατσάλι, για γρήγορο,ομοιόμορφο και αποτελεσμ..
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