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Brand: NEDIS Model: 233-0499
 CCTV Security Cable BNC/DC RG59 30m pre-assembled connectors High-quality coax cable with BNC and DC power connectors to power a security camera and enable the transmission of video with the same cable. - BNC connectors - DC power plugs - No camera outlet required - 2-in-1 video & p..
Brand: EOM Model: 017-0172
 CTV loop cable 100m for security cameras. Includes cable+mplentaz for video, cable+mplentaz for sound and power cable red-black...
Brand: NEDIS Model: 233-0898
 Security Cable on Reel 0.61 + 2x 0.38, 100m White. Professional and flexible 2-in-1 cable. It powers security video applications and transfers the video signal. This cable is of a very good quality and offers an alternative to the more expensive cables. - Conductor diameter: 0.61 + 2x 0...
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