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Brand: NEDIS Model: 233-0699
 Bicycle Alarm Adjustable Sensitivity Easy to setup Black Be sure to leave your bike properly protected against theft. This sensitive alarm fits most bikes, detecting the slightest movements. The alarm is activated by the easy-to-use integrated keypad. Various mounting options enable you to..
Brand: NEDIS Model: 233-0453
 Glass Break Alarm Built-in Siren Adjustable Sensitivity Wireless glass break alarm with a built-in sirene. Fixes to glass or window pane. This =85dB alarm goes off when it looses contact with the glass. The sensitivity of the alarm is adjustable, so it doesn't activate every time a door op..
Brand: NEDIS Model: 233-1797
 Ultra thin design glass break detector alarm for doors / windows | built-in siren. This ultra-thin glass break detector has an integrated window / door alarm which will activate when the window or door glass is broken or when the door / window is opened. The switches on the side of the ala..
NEDIS ALRMP40WT Personal Safety Alarm Lightweight = 85dB Alarm White
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Brand: NEDIS Model: 233-1357
 Personal Safety Alarm Lightweight = 85dB Alarm White Carry this Nedis lightweight alarm with you wherever you go to increase your personal safety. In case of an emergency, simply pull the cord to trigger the loud alarm. - Lightweight alarm only 53 g including batteries and 105 x 52 x 17 m..
NEDIS ALRMPW20AT Personal Safety Alarm Waterproof Wrist Band Design = 85dB Alarm
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Brand: NEDIS Model: 233-0835
 Personal Safety Alarm Waterproof Wrist Band Design = 85dB Alarm Flashing LED This personal safety alarm features a flashing LED and =85 dB warning siren that is loud enough to scare off an attacker and draw immediate attention to yourself. It's easy to carry with you, waterproof and simp..
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