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MICA heaters

MICA electric radiator, 2000W.
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Brand: Life Model: 221-0195
MICA electric radiator, 2000W.The LIFE Magma radiator is the ideal choice for economical and efficient heating. It has 4 MICA heating elements for maximum efficiency and energy savings.Reduce the cost of your heating by using the electric radiotor LIFE Magma!With a total power of 2000W it can heat s..
Brand: IQ Model: HT-1432
ΘΕΡΜΟΠΟΜΠΟΣ MIΚA ΗΤ-1432 Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά 2 θέσεις Θερμοκρασίας 1500W / 2500W 5 φέτες μίκα Υψηλή και γρήγορη απόδοση θερμοκρασίας  ..
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