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Waffle Makers - Pancakes

Brand: BOMANN Model: 138-0234
 Waffle Maker 1200W. - Large baking plates (18 cm), non-stick coated - Heat insulated handle - Continuously adjustable browning level - 2 control lights for power and heating (baking lights) - High stability through rubberized feet - Overheating protection - Power supply: 220-240V, 50H..
Βαφλιέρα διπλή, 1200W.
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Brand: NEDIS Model: 233-1760
 Βαφλιέρα διπλή, 1200W. Φτιάξτε σπιτικές βάφλες για νόστιμο και θρεπτικό πρωινό, σνακ για όλες τις ώρες ή για το μπουφέ και το πάρτι σας. Διαθέτει αντικολλητικές πλάκες για να καθαρίζεται εύκολα και να αφαιρείται την βάφλα χωρίς να χαλάει το σχήμα της. - Κατάλληλο για 2 μεγάλες βάφλες (10..
Brand: Life Model: 221-0233
Crepe maker, 1000W.Create delicious crepes and other delicious recipes at home using the LIFE MyKrepa creperie!The high power of 1000W and the 30cm baking surface allow you to make delicious and well-baked crepes quickly and easily to impress your guests!It has a non-stick coating to prevent the cre..
Brand: NEDIS Model: 233-1775
Crepe Maker 30 cm BlackMaking perfect crepes has never been easier!This electric crepe maker features an adjustable thermostat and a non-stick coating for perfect, wafer thin crκpes every time.Non-slip rubber feet and a removable plate for easy cleaning add to a safe and fun cooking experience. Supp..
Brand: Life Model: 221-0230
Waffle maker, 1000W.Breakfast is better with the new LiFE HEART waffle maker! Show your love to your loved ones by creating the most delicious sweet creations!The non-stick baking plates have the ideal depth to create fluffy waffles with a diameter of 19cm. in the shape of a heart! In addition, they..
Brand: BOMANN Model: 138-0052
Crepe Maker- Paper-thin crepes, quickly and easily prepared- Hotplate: 29 cm- Non-stick coated- Infinitely adjustable thermostat- Baking lights- Heat-insulated plastic base- Cable take-up on the base- Includes batter distributor- Power Supply: 230 V, 50 Hz- Power input: 900 W..
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